Experience Points or XP (Russian: Очки опыта) - an element of gameplay, the game mechanism ATOM RPG used to quantify the experience of the Cadet and their Companions.


An indicator that reflects a character's reward for actions performed, such as killing, applying skills, or completing quests. The harder it was to cope with the enemy or another task, the more Experience Points the character will receive.

After gaining a certain amount of Experience Points, the hero moves to the next level. When killing, the number of XP received depends on the "danger" of the creature.

Experience Points can also be obtained for successfully using skills in the game world (ex. Lock Picking, First Aid, Speechcraft)


  • Opening locks
  • Correct PIN Entry
  • Successfully attempts to persuade / intimidate / deceive, etc. in dialogues
  • Successfully crafting an item
  • Successfully pickpocketing an item
  • Gambling
  • Killing opponents
  • Quest Completion


Modifiers for XP rates include:

  • Game Difficulty
  • Easy 115%
    • Normal 100%
    • Expert 90%
    • 100% survival
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